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General Public FAQs

Where can I locate mental health services in my county?

Managing Entities (MEs) contract with providers on behalf of the Florida Department of Children & Families. The MEs do not provide direct services; rather, MEs contract with local, direct service providers, tailoring to the specific behavioral health needs in communities throughout the state. If you need to learn about services, contacting the ME is a place to start. Click here to find the ME that serves your county. 

How do I get more information about the status of a family member currently held under the Baker Act?

You may contact the receiving facility where you think the person is located.  If the person is an adult, the receiving facility may likely not be able to release information to you unless the person has signed a release.  The DCF receiving facility list may be found here

Where can I find more information about my rights under the BA?

The Patent's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities [F.S. 381.026] describes an individuals rights while receiving medical care regarding individual dignity, medical and financial information and disclosure, access to health care, experimental research in addition to a patent's knowledge and summary of these rights. The statue also describes the responsibility of individuals as patients to health care facilities and providers.