For Receiving Facilities

Receiving Facility FAQs

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I. Intro Questions:

What is the Baker Act Reporting Center?

The Baker Act Reporting Center was established in 1997 to collect, process, analyze and report on statewide Baker Act exam initiation data. As of 2018, The Baker Act Reporting Center also collects petitions and orders for involuntary placement from County Clerks of Court. 

What is the Baker Act Reporting Center's role in working with providers?

The Center works with Baker Act receiving facilities across the State to facilitate the timely and accurate submission of Baker Act forms in order to assist providers with compliance with Florida Statute 394.463.

II. Compliance/Submission Questions:

Where do I submit Baker Act documents?

As of 7/1/23 designated Baker Act receiving facilities must enter involuntary examination data into the DCF Baker Act Data Collection System (BADCS). Providers can find additional information about this process on DCF's website

How frequently do providers need to enter this data into the Baker Act Data Collection System (BADCS)?

The Baker Act specifies that receiving facilities must submit Baker Act forms to DCF within five working days. 

What documents do I need to upload into BADCS?

Receiving facility staff are expected to enter demographic data from the Cover Sheet and upload the corresponding initiation and transportation form into the BADCS. 

Help! I’m having difficulty accessing the BADCS.

Providers who are having difficulty access the BADCS system are encouraged to contact the DCF help desk at (850) 487-9400.

If there are two different Baker Act forms for one admission, which one should I submit?

The earliest executed Baker Act form is typically the valid form. 

III. Best Practices Questions:

What should I do if I do not have the client's full social security number?

Facilities are encouraged to make every effort to collect the full social security number and have up to 5 business days to submit this information into the BADCS. This information is required and necessary to support further analysis.

Why is my facility receiving a compliance report from the Baker Act Reporting Center?

The Baker Act Reporting Center is contracted with DCF to analyze data quality and completeness from providers on a quarterly basis. Facilities that fall below data quality\completeness standards will be contacted by the Center and provided a report on these deficiencies.

Where can I locate the most recent Baker Act Manual?

The Baker Act Training Manual is available on the Baker Act Training page of DCF's website. Please note this manual is from 2014 and does not include recent statutory changes. An updated manual is expected to be released by the end of 2023.


IV. Other Baker Act Form Questions:

Are Providers responsible for submitting involuntary placement orders?

Baker Act receiving facilities are no longer required to submit involuntary placement petitions and orders. Florida Clerks of Court are required to submit involuntary placement petitions and orders to the Baker Act Reporting Center.  

Should providers submit Marchman Act forms?

No. Documents pertaining to Florida's Marchman Act (F.S. 397) should not be uploaded to the BADCS.

What is my FMHI number?

A provider's Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI) number is a unique id assigned to designated Baker Act receiving facilities used only for purposes of identification and data analysis. To find your facility's FMHI number, please contact us at

Should providers enter data from Baker Act forms if the person is examined and the Baker Act (72-hour hold) is rescinded?

Yes, all Baker Act examination initiation forms should be entered into the BADCS regardless of whether the Baker Act was later rescinded.

Where are Baker Act forms located online?

V. Contact Questions:

What is the best way to contact the Baker Act Reporting Center regarding questions about Baker Act form submission?

Questions about Baker Act form submission using the BADCS should be addressed to the DCF helpdesk. Other inquires not answered here can be emailed to Center staff at