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CCHIP: Clarification or Change in Procedure

The CCHIP (Clarification or Change in Procedure) concept was created to provide a means to distribute procedural updates or reminders relative to the fiscal management of research awards.

Grants/Contracts Training

CFS has created a Professional Development Training course that is required for new Principal Investigators (PI) or anyone wanting to be a PI on a sponsored research project. This training will cover the contracts and grant process.  All CFS Faculty and staff working on sponsored research projects are encouraged to take the course in order to learn about the contracts and grant process.To sign up for the course, please contact Janet Reyes.

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Special PI Approval


Personal effort reporting tool (PERT)

All employees who provide effort on Federal projects or provide any Cost Shared Effort will be required to certify one's PERT after each semester.  PERT Certifier Training must be completed before this will be added as one of your GEMS roles.  The Training is offered in CANVAS within MyUSF.

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Applications for Research Compliance (ARC)