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Alumni Spotlights & Testimonials


Jeffrey Centeno-Jerviss, MA, BCaBA '24

Jeffrey, a first generation college graduate, earned his Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from USF in 2024. Read about what inspired Jeffrey to pursue a degree in ABA and the challenges he overcame here.

Saira Khan, MA, BCBA '20

Saira earned her Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis from USF in 202020. She works as a Behavior Analyst in South Florida specializing in individuals aged 2-18. Learn about Saira's experience in the MA program here.

Rachel Davis, MA, BCBA '18

Rachel earned her Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis from USF in 2018. She works as a Behavior Analyst for the Hillsborough County school district and is pursuing her doctoral degree in the USF Special Education program. Read about Rachel's experiences following graduation here.


Graduates from 2024-2025

"I wanted to reach out and thank you for a phenomenal academic experience. It was a tough program but I can say with absolute confidence that the education I received has set me up for success in this field. I passed the BCBA exam [weeks after graduation] and my confidence was so high because of the exam preparation [course]. All this to say thank you for a wonderful academic experience, I'm proud to be a Bull!" - Anna Brunton, MA, BCBA '24

Graduates from 2022-2023

"It was a challenge to be in graduate school during a pandemic but the support we received made it manageable. I’m so excited to be part of the new wave of behavior analysts and this program really helped prepare me for my career. I appreciated being able to interact with my peers and my instructors were also always very responsive. Shout out to Dr. Concepcion, I know I improved as a behavior analyst because of my experiences with you. Love USF! Go Bulls!"  - Jessica Anderson, MA, BCBA '22

"My time in the USF Online MA program taught me an invaluable lesson: to never cease learning and to keep engaged with the science. I am profoundly grateful to my instructors, I really needed you, and you were always there for me. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you." -  Kevin Kent, MA, BCBA. '23

Graduates from 2017-2018

"Although I was accepted into three programs, I choose USF because I appreciated their academic programming. They have much to offer both academically and professionally." - Yaniece Dent, MA, BCBA '18

The professors at USF truly care about you and your well-being and want to help you be succesful." - Kaylin H., MA, BCBA '18

"All of my professors were attentive and well equipped to manage any individualized attention or feedback I needed." - Janelle Bacotti, PhD, BCBA-D (MA, BCBA '17)

Graduates from 2015-2016

"I would not be an analyst if it were not for USF. All of my professors and classmates fostered my love for ABA." - Harvey Bayliss, MA, BCBA '16


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