Rehabilitation Counseling & Disability Sciences

Field Experience

MFT Field Experience

Your field placement experiences are invaluable opportunities to put theory into action. Field placements are practica and internship classes that give you a chance to experience firsthand what you've been reading about in textbooks and discussing in class. No amount of reading, role playing, or talking "about" rehabilitation counseling or disability sciences can substitute for working with people in the "real world".

Your field placement experiences are designed to be a bridge between theory and practice. They are critical components of your graduate training. It is your responsibility to understand the expectations of the practica and internship courses and how to secure an appropriate placement site in a timely manner.

MFT Field Experience


  • Begin your field placement search early. Each of you live in a different community and will need to work to find the most appropriate fit for your interests and our program’s expectations.
  • All field placement hours must be accrued within the confines of the semester dates. You cannot begin to accrue placement hours prior to the beginning of the semester, and all hours must be completed by the end of finals week for the semester.
  • Students are responsible for all costs associated with finger printing and background checks if your practica location requires this.
  • You must meet with your advisor to approve your location at least one semester prior to your field experience.
  • Attempting to have a new site become an affiliated one can be a time-consuming process. Begin this process as soon as possible.
  • If you are currently working for your state’s vocational rehabilitation program or with an agency servicing disability, you may be able to use this work experience as your field experience.  Contact your advisor for guidance.


  • Be sure to attend the Field Placement Orientation hosted by the RCDS program for more information on the practica and internship experiences.
  • Date: January 16, 2024 (12pm- 1pm)
  • RCDS Field Placement Application