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Sandra Soca Lozano, M.S.

Sandra Soca Lozano, M.S.

Graduate Research Assistant

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Sandra is a graduate research associate pursuing a PhD in School Psychology. She is trilingual, being Spanish her native language, speaking fluent English and basic conversational French. Sandra taught classes of Health Psychology and Family Psychology for 8 years at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Havana. She did a 3-years postgraduate specialization program in Health Psychology and a master´s degree in Psychodrama and Group Processes. Her research topics back in Havana were related to the psychosocial aspects of children and teenagers with cancer. Sandra´s new research interests are related to the interrelation of the health and education systems in the care of chronically ill children as well as the study of culturally diverse population, considering the impact of language as a barrier in major psychological processes to achieve wellbeing.