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  • Picture of Dr. Eddins' Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award recipient

    Dr. Eddins' Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award!

  • Picture of a team of USF researchers with their professors.

    Our Team of Researchers

  • Mannikin sitting in front of speakers in the spatial listening booth

    One of two ASSL free-field speaker array systems.

  • Dr. David Eddins sitting in front of a computer in a lab.

    Dr. David Eddins, Lab Co-Director

  • Picture of the USF entrance.

    USF Entrance Top 50 in research expendatures (2012) - Top 15 world-wide in US Patents (2013) - 5th fastest growing research university in US (2000 - 2010)

About the ASSL


The Auditory & Speech Sciences Laboratory is dedicated to improving hearing and communication using multidisciplinary methods. Our faculty, students, and professionals combine expertise in behavioral science, neuroscience, engineering, and assistive technology. Funded by NIH, NSF, DoD, industry, and individuals.


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