• Picture of Dr. Eddins' Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award recipient

    Dr. Eddins' Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award!

  • Picture of a team of USF researchers with their professors.

    Our Team of Researchers

  • Mannikin sitting in front of speakers in the spatial listening booth

    Our Speech Language Pathologists and Student Clinicians are dedicated to delivering the best care to individuals and their families. Our Spatial Listening Booth

  • Dr. David Eddins sitting in front of a computer in a lab.

    Dr. David Eddins, Lab Co-Director

ASSL @ Spring Conferences

Scientists at the ASSL are reporting on their research at the Association for Research in Otolaryngology; the Indian Speech and Hearing Conference; the American Academy of Audiology; CAPCSD;International Hearing Loss Conference; Acoustical Society of America; Voice Foundation.

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