Virtual Tour

        The Auditory & Speech Sciences Laboratory at the University of South Florida is directed by Dr. David A. Eddins and Dr. Ann C. Eddins. The facility consists of two spaces. Together they house seven sound attenuating booths, five of which are set up for combined perceptual and electrophysiological measurements using headphones or sound field loudspeaker arrays. Dr. Ann C. Eddins directs the human neurophysiology facilities within each location. Each facility has access to comfortable participant waiting areas, participant counseling areas, and workstations.  Figure 1: The primary ASSL facility (~3,500 sq ft) located in the Business Partnership Building.

        The primary location (~3,500 square feet) is in Suite 210 Business Partnership Building and houses five sound booths with six listening stations, two subject intake rooms, two director’s offices (Eddins, DA; Eddins, AC), a senior faculty/staff office (Ozmeral, EJ; Yellamsetty, A; Secor, C), six postdoctoral and PhD trainee workstations, and ten support staff workstations (research audiologists, research coordinator, visiting scholars, audiology doctoral students, engineers and undergraduates). At the lab entry are one small and one large conference room; the latter doubles as a human subjects test room for a variety of sound field experiments.

Figure F2: The second ASSL facility (~1,300 sq ft) located in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

        The second ASSL facility (~900 square feet) is located in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD). The ASSL CSD facility houses two double-walled sound suites, an intake room, and five workstations.