Auditory Electrophysiology

Both facilities house equipment for multi-channel auditory evoked/event-related potential recordings and corresponding brain mapping software including 4 and 16 channel systems from Tucker-Davis Technologies (TDT) and two 64-channel systems by Advanced Neuro Technology (ANT Neuro). These systems include custom MATLAB-based software suites for stimulus generation, presentation, hardware triggering, and simultaneous behavioral response collection integrated with ASA-LabTM via the ASA ExMan feature and with a separate independent software suite developed in-house. We also have an extensive set of image processing software for data analysis and interpretation including ASA-LabTM, ASA-ProTM, and ExMan from ANT-Neuro and MATLAB-based EEGLab, ERPLab, and Brainstorm. The lab also houses a Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (FNIRS) system (Imagent by ISS) to provide additional imaging capabilities through the real-time quantification of blood flow.