Database Utilities: The laboratory features three SQL databases to support ongoing and future research. The first is a large database of over 1400 individuals previously characterized in terms of audiometric status, medical and hearing history, and perceptual abilities that is available for retrospective research. The second is a large and growing database with similar information from subjects who are current or potential participants. The third is a robust resource sharing database for recruiting subjects and scheduling subject visits with specific personnel and specific laboratory resources (e.g., listening stations) for a variety of research projects. Recruitment may also draw from the USF Audiology clinic and the 2.4 million people of the greater Tampa area.

Software: The laboratory has extensive custom and commercial software for sound analysis and experimental design including TDT SykofizX (developed by D. Eddins), RPvdsEX, MATLAB, Adobe Audition, and EASERATM.. The laboratory is actively engaged in hearing industry research as well as NIH- and NSF- funded research with normal hearing, hearing impaired, and elderly subjects.