The projects below are funded through a variety of mechanisms including:
NIH NIDCD (2 R01s, 1 R21, 1 R44/SBIR), NIH NIA (P01), Industry Contracts, Private support, USF Internal Funding


Voice Quality Perception [Learn more...]
Spectro-Temporal Processing [Learn more...]
Binaural Processing & Spatial Hearing [Learn more...]
Aging and Communication [Learn more...]
Speech Perception & Enhancement
Pitch Perception [Learn more...]


Binaural Processing & Spatial Hearing [Learn more...]
Auditory Hemispheric Dominance [Learn more...]
Temporal Processing
Spectro-Temporal Processing [Learn more...]
Neural Bases of Tinnitus
Auditory Neural Plasticity
Neural Signatures of Presbycusis [Learn more...]

Hearing Enhancement Technology:

Assistive Listening Systems
Hearing Aid Digital Noise Reduction
Signal Processing Parameter Control
Spectro-temporal Speech Cue Enhancement
Binaural Hearing Systems
Automated Hearing Testing
Automated Hearing Aid Fitting

Clinical Applications

Efficient Characterization of Central Auditory Dysfunction [Learn more...]
Mobile Application for Aural Rehabilitation [Learn more...]
Towards an Intervention for Debilitating Hyperacusis [Learn more...]