Auditory & Speech Perception

The laboratory includes nine listening stations in seven sound booths and a developmental station. Each research station is equipped with sound generation equipment (ten Tucker-Davis Technology (TDT) hardware/software systems; a variety of headphones (Etymotic ER-1, ER-2, and ER-3A insert phones; TDH 50P supra-aural earphones; Sennheiser HDA-200, HD-265, HD-250 circumaural headphones, KEF Q100, Behringer Truth B2010A, Tannoy System 800, and an assortment of other loudspeakers). Each system has multiple human subject interfaces (touchscreen monitors, button response boxes, PC keyboards and PC mice). For added flexibility, the lab has multiple 8 and 24-channel MOTU (Mark Of The Unicorn) external sound cards and a host of tablet computers. Experiments are controlled via TDT SykofizX software (developed in house) or by custom control software developed in the MATLAB environment. The lab has numerous standard research and clinical speech perception tests and routinely develops custom tests for research use.