Student Success

Fall 2020 Parent/Student Q&A

This spring I got a loaner laptop thru SG's program, is that available for fall?

Yes you can borrow laptops for the entire fall semester.  Visit the USF Libraries’ Laptop Loan website at for details regarding loans on all three campuses.

When will study abroad open up again?

To reduce transmission study abroad is suspended for fall. There may be opportunities in spring but we are looking at summer 2021.  Working on virtual opportunities for students so you may be able to partner with students in other areas for a study abroad. Working hard to give you international experiences and in absence of travel we will travel virtually.

I know I am going to need some tutoring this semester and I will be on campus. Do I just go to the library to sign up?

There are many different flexible options. To see what is available, go to the academic success center site at

I was expecting to complete an internship this year. Will i still be able to?

The availability of the internship depends on major, what the work is going to do and who the community partner is. Clinical experiences are working on tele mental health facilities. Please work with faculty and internship coordinators to complete fall internship before thanksgiving break. Opportunities will be available working with community partners who are open and receptive to our students.

Will there be spaces available on campus where I can study and/or relax?

There are many opportunities for you to have relaxation time between your classes. There are classrooms in buildings where classes too small to hold classes have been converted, marshal center has spaces, library has space that can be reserved. In addition, outside there are picnic tables under breezeways.

I heard that USF was going to distribute masks to students. How many masks will we get, and when and where can we get them?

Yes two masks. If you live in residence halls they will be in rooms. For all other students, the Marshal center will be where you can get spray hand sanitizer and masks. When you need a refill for the sanitizer, you can get them through the vending machines. There will also be people handing out masks in case you lose yours.

Will there be student jobs on campus this semester?

Yes, we may have fewer jobs but you can find us by going to handshake. We will continue to post OPS and FWS opportunities. We also have student instructional learning assistants for sophomores and above.

Will advisors and professors be available to meet on campus or do we have to do that online too?

Best that you do it online as face to face meetings are discouraged. Make arrangements to schedule teams appointment with your advisor via our appointment scheduler at

Are all research labs open on campus?

To date most are now open. Please seek faculty for opportunities and get engaged in research.

I really can't stand wearing a mask more than a half hour of time. Will I get in trouble if I take it off even if I am 6 feet away from anyone else?

Yes, it is a requirement you have a face covering on campus in any shared space. It’s the combination of the distance and the face covering that helps reduce the spread of the virus.

I’m an Alum of CBCS and student parent. Will there be virtual alumni events this fall?

That’s a great question, once we get back and students get back we will see what we can do. We would love for that to happen.

I got Cares funds for spring semester. My friend just got money in August. Is this still an option now?

Yes please go to the office of financial aid website, there is a link to the application. Please apply if you have continuing needs into the fall semester.

Are student organizations allowed to meet on campus or do we have to meet virtually?

There are no meetings on campus, all meetings will be virtual. We want you to continue to get involved and there will still be an active engaged community.

I saw in my financial aid something about a We got USF scholarship. I didn't apply for it and I am not sure how I got it. Can you tell me?

Many students and families experiencing challenges so we wanted to make sure we made resources available to keep students on their path and support their full time enrollment. We have committed $20 million dollars in scholarships and tuition waivers for those not receiving scholarship support from USF. If you have already qualified you don’t have to complete an application you just have to enroll full time at USF and it will automatically go into your student account.

What if someone in one of my classes refuses to wear a mask?

Faculty will have extra masks. If someone is refusing the student will be asked to leave the classroom and we will deploy response teams to address the issue with a student. The faculty member can also drop the student from the class. It is essential all these rules be followed for the safety of everyone.

Will Safe Ride still operate on the Tampa campus?

Yes the safe team will still be operating. They will be on golf carts and walking to ensure you are safe as you travel about the campus.

As an international student in my home country i am hoping I can return to campus soon. Visa office opens soon. I take online classes now but if I come back to US can I instead go to class on campus?

We are excited for you to join us on campus - either this Fall or for Spring semester. Every case is unique, please connect with an Office of International Services by scheduling an appointment on iStart to assess your opportunities for joining us this fall.

My major is behavioral healthcare. Do you anticipate faculty incorporating topics around the pandemic into courses?

If its relevant to the course it should be, please bring it up they are prepared for discussing this topic.

Is covid testing available on campus if I want it?

Yes through student health services. We encourage students to go to student health so they can coordinate with other campus facilities and ensure you get the support you need. We now have a community test site for our campus for our community and our employees in a partnership between the county and the university.

Do you have tips and resources for learning online?

Yes don’t wait to ask for assistance. Please reach out to the academic success center, we have study skills and resources available. Do not wait until you have an issue, be proactive and start right away to make sure you have the skills you need before you get too far along.

Is the cashier's office open? I have questions about my student bill.

The cashiers office is available for customer service. They are open every day and they can answer in person or email at If you need to make a payment we have a drop box in the breezeway in student services building.

It is so cool that USF is one big university now. My advisor told me I can take classes on any campus but can I go to St. Pete campus and go sailing with Campus Rec? Looks like fun and I always wanted to try.

Yes student can go to any campus and engage in any activity on any campus.

How will parking be handled? I only have to be on campus once a week for one of my hybrid campuses. I don't want to buy a permit...

Parking is as usual, you can purchase a permit, but if you only plan to be here once a week, look into pay by space or other options for getting to campus.

I said I was going on campus but I have changed my mind what do I do?

The registration period is open through August 28th, you can make changes to your schedule based on the availability for the courses. Please reach out to the academic advisor where you can reach out and have a virtual appointment or a walk in.

Students are moving in now and are hugging and meeting up in their rooms with each other. They are not hearing this presentation. How will they hear about the dos and don’ts.

We will continue reinforcing the information to them using the residence hall staff. We will continue to remind people in order to stay healthy and safe. Students can tell each other instead of handshakes elbow touches and use the go bulls sign in order to reach each other

Last semester I volunteered with the food pantry, can I volunteer again?

Yes the food pantry is open and there is quite a need for that so we will continue to take donations and they will need assistance helping out with that. Please go to the feed a bull website.