Immersive Spanish for Professionals



Did you know that Spanish is the most widely spoken non-English language in the U.S.? With over 60 million Spanish-speaking people around the country, the need to bolster workplace communication with this group has never been more critical to the success of your organization.

Through USF’s Immersive Spanish for Professionals courses, you can learn the basics of the language in just a few weeks and begin engaging immediately with your customers, employees, students, patients and more. Put an end to frustrating encounters, and turn “Sorry, I don’t understand” into “Si, Yo hablo un poco de Español”!

Choose to take only the introductory class or continue your education by taking as many of the industry-specific classes as desired. 

Immersive Spanish for Business Professionals

Learn language basics, including greetings, farewells, introductions, numbers, dates, asking for directions, asking for information, real-life everyday conversations and more.

Immersive Spanish for HR Professionals

Gain the skills needed to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking job candidates and employees. Through this course, you’ll learn how to make appointments, conduct basic initial job interviews, fill out new employee paperwork and insurance forms, orient new hires to basic workplace rules, handle basic emergency situations and more.

Immersive Spanish for Pharmacists

Designed for pharmacists and pharmacy techs who have completed the introductory course, this class will enable effective communication with customers concerning their health and well-being, their medications and instructions, refills, questions about medications, billing and insurance, and other topics.  

Please note: More industry-specific courses are coming soon!