Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate

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Communicating with confidence and clarity is an essential skill in the modern workplace. If you are interested in becoming a high-performing business leader, our five-week program will sharpen your messaging and listening skills by helping you become more observant, intentional, persuasive and sympathetic in any situation. 

USF’s Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate focuses on communication training central to career advancement, filling in the skills gap seen by HR recruiters in 31% of job candidates, according to McKinsey & Co. This online program will give you practical insights into developing stronger listening and messaging skills and producing better workplace outcomes. You will gain a competitive edge at any stage of your career. 


  • Professionals seeking to upskill to land a leadership role
  • Corporate leaders seeking to advance to higher-level roles
  • Individuals who want the skills and credential provided by USF
  • Groups of individuals supported by their company to enhance their team communication skills
  • Key performers in an organization seeking to build a better communication dynamic


As a participant, you will expand your communication skills by working through five online modules:

  • Understanding Generational and Dimensional Diversity: Get equipped to work with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Listening to Understand: Develop your ability to really hear what others are saying without judgment.
  • How to Effectively Ask Questions: Get to know your audience and identify the right questions to ask in context.
  • Negotiation: Learn skills that produce win-win results for all parties.
  • How to Deliver Difficult Messages: Learn to follow the 10 commandments for sharing bad news, prioritizing the dignity of the receiver.


  • Participate in a prestigious professional development program to fine-tune the soft skills most in demand by employers.
  • Acquire practical new skills in a five-week program that fits into your work schedule.
  • Earn continuing education credits/CEUs.
  • Earn a credential backed by a major research university and add a digital badge to your social profile.
  • Register on an open-enrollment basis – no application required.


This five-week program meets online once a week, in the evenings, 6-7:30 p.m. It is designed to be flexible and accessible for working professionals, with course content available in a live online format as well as in an asynchronous, on-demand format.


  • $1,195 per person

Ready to master the listening and communicating skills that can set you apart as a business leader? Register for the certificate program today or contact an advisor for more information.

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