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Corporate Leadership Program

Situational Leadership for Executives

USF’s Corporate Leadership Program is a dynamic course that is highly interactive and individualized. It starts by building a foundation of self-awareness of individual strengths, default behaviors and expectations of others. Armed with this knowledge, subsequent modules address common leadership challenges through a combination of skill building and real-world application, always coming back to the question of “given who you are, what will be easy and what will take the most conscious effort?”

By collaborating with other participants, individuals develop greater awareness of how to work more effectively with different types of people and various types of situations. Understanding when their natural strengths are the perfect fit, and when flexing behavior would result in a more effective outcome. Each week, participants are expected to apply the learnings from that module to their daily work environment and report back. By the end of the program, participants will develop a comprehensive and robust individual development plan.


  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence (participants will complete two individual assessments: The Birkman Method™ and Emotional Intelligence Appraisal)
  • Aligning organizational culture and day-to-day leadership behavior; inspiring others to act
  • Delivering feedback that is effective and actionable
  • Influencing and collaborating across functions
  • Developing effective teams to maximize performance
  • Communicating through change and uncertainty


“I love how personalized this course is! It was always a safe place to talk about our strengths and weaknesses”

“This skillset is missing from a lot of organizations and industries. I receive a lot of leadership training and it doesn’t focus on these strengths/skills. I also enjoyed being able to learn in class and implement at work in between lessons/concepts”

“I really enjoyed the live interaction amongst the students and instructor. This was a much more effective delivery method than what I am used to – i.e. PowerPoint for days!”

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and did a great job at bridging practical application to real life situations”

“This course is great because of how personalized it is. The feedback and exercises are great because they are based on your personality and strengths & weaknesses”

How Can the Program Benefit ORGANIZATIONS?

  • Recognize and develop the next generation of leaders.

  • Engage and inspire management teams to be more aware of their own behavior and leverage the diversity of others.

  • Increase productivity and revenue.

  • Establish succession and increase bench strength.

  • Recruit and retain top talent.

Meet Susan Bean, Corporate Leadership Program instructor

Founder and principal of Thanatopsis Consulting, Bean brings 16 years of experience in organizational effectiveness and talent management, working with Fortune 500 corporations, family-owned businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Why Choose USF’s Corporate Leadership Program?

  • Earn a prestigious USF credential and add a digital badge to your social profile, including LinkedIn.

  • Acquire powerful new skills in a seven-week program that fits into your work schedule.

  • Earn continuing education credits/CEUs.

  • Register on an open-enrollment basis — no application required.

  • Attend class sessions live online once a week (Fridays, 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.).


  • Live online program


  • $2,495


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