K-12 Education

K-12 Education and Summer Camps

A female wearing a headset discussing K-12 Education and Summer Camps available at USF.

Explore a diverse range of courses and summer camps tailored for educators, students and their families. From cybersecurity essentials to test preparation, our accessible and engaging courses are designed to equip participants with the knowledge needed to excel. Discover how we can help you advance your skillset! 

K-12 Education for Educators

Explore programs just for educators that cover timely topics such as implementing cybersecurity in the classroom, using digital tools in the classroom, utilizing student assistants in online learning and preparing for teacher certification exams. 

K-12 Education for Parents

Help your kids stay safe and thrive with our cybersecurity course for students and parents, or explore summer camps that can help prevent learning loss. 

K-12 Summer Camps

Stop the summer slide with a variety of fun and engaging camps designed to help prevent learning loss while school is not in session.

K-12 Summer Reading Skills Program

Help your students build strong reading skills and gain confidence this summer with our programs for grades K-12.