Leadership and Management


Leadership and Management

Equip yourself with the tools, knowledge and skill set to get better results in your leadership and management role. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or preparing for your first management opportunity, our Leadership and Management courses are designed to give you practical corporate training skills that work in the real world.

You’ll learn from expert instructors who will enrich the program with their decades of personal experience in the corporate world. Discover why our courses are a great place to begin your climb up the corporate ladder.

Emotional Intelligence and Situational Leadership Certificate

Discover your professional strengths through individualized assessment coaching using the Birkman Method and learn to align your personal growth to your business goals.  

Foundational Approach to Leadership and Career Planning

Get tailored professional development that teaches you how to evaluate where you are in your career, where you want to go and how you can effectively plan to get there. 

Leading Multiple Generations in the Workforce Certificate

This certificate provides individuals the power skills necessary for career advancement and business sustainability. The Leading Multiple Generations in the Workforce certificate meets specific career path and industry segment needs through its agile facilitated discussion format. It has been specially designed to address the needs of the unprecedented complexity of today's 5 generational workforce. Delivered in a combined asynchronous and Live Online format.

Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate 

Develop invaluable communication skills that can redefine your career and your business relationships. The Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate will help you master various vital skills, including how to communicate and collaborate in a diverse workplace, listen for better understanding, ask effective questions, negotiate and deliver bad news.

Cohort Training Available

Interested in bringing leadership and management training to your company? We offer up a dedicated cohort option, which allows multiple team members from your organization to attend a program together. Please contact Kimberly Allison, our Associate Director of Corporate Training, if you are interested in cohort training: kmwheel4@usf.edu.