Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

A manager portraying leadership skills to manage the team.

Equip yourself with the tools, knowledge and skill set to get better results in your leadership and management role. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or preparing for your first management opportunity, our Leadership and Management courses are designed to give you practical corporate training skills that work in the real world.

You’ll learn from expert instructors who will enrich the program with their decades of personal experience in the corporate world. Discover why our courses are a great place to begin your climb up the corporate ladder.

Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate 

Develop invaluable communication skills that can redefine your career and your business relationships. The Strategies for Effective Communication Certificate will help you master various vital skills, including how to communicate and collaborate in a diverse workplace, listen for better understanding, ask effective questions, negotiate and deliver bad news.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership for Engineers

Empower your leadership potential by developing your emotional intelligence through this online workshop. By the end of the program, you will grow your empathy and resiliency, learn how to foster innovation, discover how to build a culture of trust and set yourself apart as a leader in your organization. 

Taking Flight with DISC

Discover the strategies that will take your communication, leadership and people management skills to new heights with Taking Flight with DISC. This training program is a refreshing, reimagined approach to traditional “personality style” workshops that has been built around four key concepts: self-awareness, social awareness, flexibility and culture.

Leading Multiple Generations in the Workforce Certificate 

This certificate provides individuals the power skills necessary for career advancement and business sustainability. The Leading Multiple Generations in the Workforce certificate meets specific career path and industry segment needs through its agile facilitated discussion format. It has been specially designed to address the needs of the unprecedented complexity of today's 5 generational workforce. 


Develop the self-awareness to know what you’re good at and how to leverage your strengths in the workplace! Utilizing the insightful CliftonStrengths assessment, this course marries personal coaching and team training to help individuals identify their talents, improve performance and reach their full potential.

Executive Leadership Lessons Course

Discover the key leadership concepts, tools, and techniques to build a positive environment, encourage maximum input from employees, and increase self-awareness in this course. Class topics include Fundamentals of Leadership, Communication, Servant Leadership, Developing Others, Teamwork, and Executive Decision Making. 


Dedicated cohort offerings specifically for your organization are available for these programs. If you have a group of 10+ participants, we can provide a dedicated session for your team at your convenience on a schedule that best meets your needs. You may also be eligible to receive a group discount. Please email David Hill at djhill4@usf.edu for information on how a dedicated cohort can be organized for your team.