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Taking Flight with DISC

Participants discussing their experience with the Taking Flight with DISC training program.

Barriers to communication continue to frustrate employees, hamper productivity, and impede business success. You and your employees can develop the necessary skills to create a culture of trust, empathy, and collaboration. Taking Flight with DISC provides you with a greater understanding of your own behaviors and those of others so you can develop the practical competencies necessary for effective communication.

Discover the strategies that will take your communication, leadership and people management skills to new heights! The Taking Flight with DISC training program is a refreshing, reimagined approach to traditional “personality style” workshops that has been built around four key concepts:

  • Self-awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Flexibility
  • Culture

While the most self-aware individuals are the most successful, those who can read others and adapt to meet their needs are even more effective. This program will give you an in-depth familiarity with the DISC styles so that you can develop new ways of treating others while being true to yourself.


This program is ideal for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their communication, leadership and management skills by gaining deeper insights into their own personality. You will discover how you unconsciously impose your style on others and even try to change those around you.


As a participant, you will gain valuable insights that will help you better understand, motivate and support your team:

  • Deeply understand your own style through the Taking Flight with DISC profile.
  • Quickly read the styles of others and instantly flex to meet their needs.
  • Tap into your natural gifts to capitalize on your strengths.
  • Avoid overusing your strengths so they don’t become liabilities.
  • Infuse the four styles into your organizational culture so they are used every day.
  • Build stronger relationships, communicate more effectively, become an empowering leader and shape a more engaging and productive work environment.


By relating the four personality styles to different birds, Taking Flight with DISC breathes new life into the tried-and-true DISC model. The birds add colorful energy and help provide visual cues that embody the traits of the four styles: 

  • Eagles: direct and dominant
  • Parrots: interactive and social
  • Doves: compassionate and supportive
  • Owls: logical and conscientious

This system of dividing personalities by bird type will help you remember the styles like never before. You will soon be noticing birds everywhere, from informal chats with colleagues to conversations in team meetings. The four styles will become embedded in your understanding, allowing you to better recognize and respond to the individual characteristics of each of your team members.


  • Earn a prestigious USF credential and add a digital badge to your social profile, including LinkedIn.
  • Acquire powerful new skills in a short program that fits into your work schedule.
  • Earn continuing education credits/CEUs.
  • Register on an open-enrollment basis — no application required.
  • Class sessions are live online.


  • Live online program


  • $595 


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