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Immerse yourself in problem-solving methodology that guides some of the most successful organizations across the nation. With a foundation of empathy and a focus on the wants and needs of the user, the USF Design Thinking course walks your team through the 5-step process of arriving at at practical, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that enhance the customer experience at major touchpoints.


This course goes beyond theoretical teachings — it’s project-based and taught by real-world practitioners who have experienced proven successes with using Design Thinking. Throughout this course you will learn about the 5 steps of Design Thinking: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

You will then practically apply the methodology to an identified area of improvement within your organization. Beginning with an identified problem, you work to understand the user, their needs, and motivations to fully understand the complexities of the issue. From there, you will define the problem statement and ideate solutions that will provide the user with a seamless experience. Ideas are prototyped to make continuous improvements and then tested to receive feedback. At the end, you will have a human-centric, tested prototype that is ready to make an impact on your organization and the people that interact with it.


  • Convenient live online format. No trips to campus. This program is designed to fit the lives of busy working professionals.


  • Entire cost to complete the certificate is just $995


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