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Automotive Sales MasterClass

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In most car dealerships, the best salesperson sells more than 30 vehicles each month. By comparison, the average salesperson closes just six to 14 car sales per month. Discover the secrets that top salespeople know in our Automotive Sales Masterclass. Graduates of this course sell three times as many cars as their counterparts who have not taken this course.

On average, 82% of people who visit a car dealership leave and buy a vehicle elsewhere within three days. Imagine how much this number would change if you knew the buyer’s needs before you showed the car. The key to having a successful career in automotive sales is recognizing that there could be five buyers with five different reasons for walking into your dealership to purchase the same vehicle.

Never show customers a car – show them their car. Discover how to increase vehicle sales and customer satisfaction with the Automotive Sales Masterclass. You’ll learn the secrets that make the difference between averaging a handful of vehicle sales a month versus a sale every single day.

Who Should Enroll in This Sales Professional Certificate?

  • Customer-facing professionals in automotive sales
  • Seasoned sales professionals who want to boost their sales
  • Individuals contemplating or beginning a career in automotive sales

What Will You Learn?

This course is designed to introduce and sharpen the techniques that generate sales:

  • Establish Rapport – Build trust, two-way communication and credibility. If customers don’t trust you, nothing you say will matter. If they do trust you, they will insist on working with you.
  • Create Interest – You have less than 20 seconds to gain the customer’s willing participation in a discussion. You want to foster conversation, not give a sales pitch.
  • Question for Needs – It’s all about the customer. Understand and expand the customer’s perception of their needs so you know exactly how and what to discuss with them. You can win the sale during the questioning process.
  • Present Solutions – Solutions, not pitches. Show the customer how your products and services can address the needs they discussed with you. Learn how to customize every presentation and demo.
  • Close for Commitment – Every discussion has a next step. Shorten the time it takes to get to a happy decision with the customer.
  • Handle Objections – Objections are your opportunity to find the exact reason the customer can be happy to move forward with you. Learn to make handling objections your best tool for building customer confidence.
  • BONUS: Appointment-Based Selling – Build your customer base. Learn how engage orphan customers and how to retain, resell and get referrals from your existing customers.

What You Will Earn

  • Earn the Sales Professional Certificate – This class is certified by the National Council for Continuing Education and Training.

  • Earn a prestigious USF credential.
  • Showcase your skills and stand apart from colleagues and competitors with a USF digital badge.

Why Choose the Automotive Sales Masterclass?

Automotive Sales Masterclass is the heart of the sales process. Students in the Automotive Sales Masterclass will build and hone the fundamental skills necessary for effective sales and customer support conversations.

Sales positions are among the highest-paying jobs throughout the country. Many prominent and successful CEOs even began their careers in sales. Automotive Sales Masterclass is the foundation for customer communication, and this class will help you increase your confidence and effectiveness in every customer conversation.

Instructor-Led Online Format

This program is designed to help you learn and practice the communication techniques required to execute the planned sales call and shorten the sales cycle.

  • Live Practice and Role-Play: Eight instructor-led sessions that each take two hours to complete.

  • Certified Sales Professional Final Exam: One test that takes two hours to complete.

Cost to Attend

The course fee is $1,185.