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From listing presentations to open houses, from gaining buyers to showing homes, from selling properties in days instead of in months, the key to a successful career in real estate sales is your effectiveness in professional selling skills, selling yourself, selling your company and selling your client’s properties.

Your real estate license is your gateway into the field, and your sales skills in every interaction are the differentiator to your success. Professional selling is not pushing, pressuring, or negotiating, and no amount of hustling can replace effective selling. Professional selling is building trust, understanding needs, and presenting solutions that make clients happy they are working with you. Real Estate Sales Masterclass will help you refine, hone and perfect the professional sales skills that will enhance your success and your career as a real estate professional.

Increase your effectiveness in every conversation by developing a consultative style of communication. Master selling techniques that address all six steps of a planned sales call every single time.


  • Customer-facing professionals in the real estate industry
  • Seasoned sales professionals who want to grow their sales
  • Those beginning or contemplating a career in real estate sales


This course is designed to help you learn and practice the techniques to:

  • Establish Rapport – Build trust, two-way communication and credibility. If they don’t trust you, nothing you say will matter. If they do trust you, they will insist on you.
  • Create Interest – You have less than 20 seconds to gain their willing participation in a discussion. This is true for buyers and sellers.
  • Question for Needs – It’s all about the customer. Understand and expand the customer’s perception of their needs so you know what to discuss that will resonate with them. You can win the sale during the questioning process.
  • Present Solutions – Give the customer solutions, not pitches, and show how your properties and services can address the needs they discussed with you. Learn how to customize every presentation and every showing.
  • Close for Commitment – Every discussion has a next step. Shorten the time it takes to get to a happy decision with the customer.
  • Handle Objections – Objections are your opportunity to find the very reason the customer can be happy to move forward with you. Learn to make handling objections your best tool for customer confidence.
  • Motivate Buyers – Home ownership builds wealth seven ways. Learn how to motivate renters to become buyers and how to initiate opportunities to help homeowners upsize or downsize to adapt to their changed lifestyles.


This class is certified by the National Council for Continuing Education and Training and you will earn a Sales Professional Certificate.


Learn and practice the communication techniques required to execute planned sales calls and shorten the sales cycle.

  • Live Practice and Role-Play: eight instructor-led sessions that each take two hours to complete.

  • Certified Sales Professional Final Exam: one test that takes two hours to complete.

WHY CHOOSE USF’S Real Estate Sales MasterClass ?

Real Estate Sales Masterclass is the heart of the sales process. Through USF’s Real Estate Sales Program, you will build and hone the fundamental skills necessary for effective sales and customer support conversations while increasing your confidence and effectiveness.

The program also offers:

  • Live online instructor-led sessions that can be taken from anywhere in the world – no trips to campus.
  • Delivery of game-changing skills and knowledge through a short course designed with busy professionals in mind.
  • Register on an open-enrollment basis — no application required.


The course fee is $1,185.

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