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SAT Review

 SAT Review
We know you’re shooting for an exceptional SAT score. Let us help you achieve it with USF’s SAT Review! Courses are available online or on-campus and cover everything you need to succeed, including: math and verbal skills, study tips and examples of typical exam questions.

How Can an SAT Test Prep Course Benefit You?

  • Master proven test-taking strategies, like how to attack different types of problems, utilize the process of elimination, manage your time and avoid common distractions
  • Ace the analytical writing, verbal and quantitative reasoning concepts tested on the SAT and prepare for typical question types
  • Sharpen your skills with sample tests that measure your progress
  • Maintain focus, discipline and accountability with a cohort of your peers
  • Gain confidence with tips to help reduce test anxiety and keep your head in the game

Still not convinced? Let the USF Test Prep Fairy show you how this program can boost your scores.

Ucoming Courses

Registering is easy, and our SAT test prep course can have a significant impact on your chances of admission to the college of your choice. Register for a course today, or download our brochure and speak to an advisor for more information!

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