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Emerging Leader Certificate

Emotional Intelligence is a capacity of self-awareness, specifically in one's communications in interpersonal relationships. It is a key quality for a professional future and one of certain attributes and skills that, no matter what you do in life, will help you “Go Further, Faster”. The USF Emerging Leader Certificate will help you attain this goal!

Who Should Attend?

  • USF Students
  • Recent College Graduates
  • Incoming Freshmen
  • All Emerging Leaders

Program Structure
The USF Emerging Leader Certificate is consisted of 3, 6-hour courses, offered weeknights and can be completed in just a few weeks! These courses are offered on an open enrollment basis, with no application required.

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What You Will Learn
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Using Emotional Intelligence to Advance Your Job and Personal Life

The rules of work and life are changing – customers, colleagues, friends, and family are all responding with more feeling and emotion when making their decisions. And practicing emotional intelligence is the key to navigating these relationships at work and at home. This workshop will show emerging leaders how to manage the impact of emotions – both their own and those of others – on their relationships with those they interact with in daily life.

 During this hands-on course, participants will:

·         Recognize what emotional intelligence is and is not

·         Identify how emotional intelligence can provide benefits at work and in personal life

·         Take an emotional intelligence self-assessment

·         Learn practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to improve levels of the primary components of 
          emotional intelligence:

o   Self-Awareness

o   Self-Management

o   Social Awareness

o   Relationship Management

Communicating for Effectiveness with Colleagues and Customers at All Levels

Being able to effectively communicate is critical for today’s business environment. Whether you’re trying to sell a product to a customer, or sell an idea to your colleagues, if you are unable to communicate effectively then you are unlikely to succeed. This workshop will provide emerging leaders with strategies to help them better communicate – whether it be a speech/presentation, sales pitch, or one-on-one meeting – with those they interact with in business.

 During this interactive workshop, participants will:

·         Take a communication style assessment

o   Understand how their communication style impacts their communication attempts

·         Learn the art of a powerful opening and the benefits of storytelling for presentations

·         Develop tools that will help them be more persuasive with their interpersonal communication

·         Identify ways to listen actively to others

·         Develop strong non-verbal communication skills (e.g., body language) that convey confidence and professionalism

Developing Resilience to Combat Adversity

Adversity abounds in the volatile world in which we live. From work deadlines, to natural disasters, to illnesses, stress is a reality in modern life. Resilience is the ability to adapt to and bounce back from the adversity and challenges life throws at us. While stress is on the rise, the good news is that we can learn to be more resilient. This workshop will provide emerging leaders with the tools to build resilience and prevent burnout, leading to career longevity.

During this interactive workshop, participants will:

·         Define what resilience is and understand its importance for leaders

·         Identify the early warning signs of burnout

·         Identify aspects of their work (and other roles) that undermine their resilience

·         Formulate an optimistic mindset in order to counter defeatist thinking

·         Learn practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to increase resilience


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