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USF is a Global Research University

A University of South Florida degree can help you gain new credentials and advance your career.

Our global research enterprise, highly ranked academic programs, diverse student body, large alumni network and excellent value make us an ideal choice.

USF Has Strong Ties to the Cybersecurity Industry

The threat of cyber attack provides a huge workforce opportunity. USF, which already has a strong cybersecurity foundation, is working to expand its educational offerings, research capabilities and partnerships to help make Florida the leading cyber state.

USF's location in Tampa Bay, near U.S. CENTCOM and U.S. SOCOM at Tampa's MacDill Air Force Base, means USF can capitalize on security expertise in its backyard and serve the uniquely qualified veteran population.

USF provides a resource for cybersecurity expertise, training and partnership opportunities for higher education institutions, government agencies and businesses across the state.

USF provides educational opportunities through a masters of science degree in cybersecurity, cybersecurity-specialized graduate certificates and industry-recognized certifications.