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Special issue of research journal highlights work of USF students, faculty

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The latest issue of The Journal of Practitioner Research includes the work of numerous students and faculty from the College of Education.

TAMPA, Fla. (July 19, 2018) – The latest issue of a USF-hosted research journal highlights the work of numerous USF students and faculty members in the field of practitioner research. 

The Journal of Practitioner Research, a double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access journal, features the work of researchers across teacher and leadership education disciplines and levels. Established in 2016, the journal is hosted by the USF College of Education’s David C. Anchin Center for the Advancement of Teaching and publishes twice a year.

“The latest issue of The Journal of Practitioner Research is a great example of interdisciplinary collaboration,” said Jennifer Jacobs, PhD, an associate professor in the College of Education and editor of the journal. “This issue showcases the ability of our undergraduates to engage in research that helps them to grow and learn as teachers, and the development of doctoral students as teacher educators who can coach practitioner inquiry. In addition, this special issue highlights how faculty members and doctoral students can engage in practitioner research as a way to support their own professional development as well as a process for integrating their research and teaching.” 

The special issue of the journal was guest edited by Laura Sabella and Angela Hooser, both faculty members in the Department of Teaching and Learning. There are a total of seven articles in the special issue that showcase practitioner research, including:

Inquiry, Discovery, and the Complexities of Teaching: Learning from the Research of Practitioners
by Angela Hooser, PhD, and Laura Sabella, PhD

Engaging in Practitioner Inquiry and Critical Dialogue to Explore Student Engagement in a Fifth-Grade Classroom
by Bailey Brown and Steve Haberlin

Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom: Helping Students Make Sense of Their World
by Lauren Clark and Angela Hooser, PhD

Maximizing Learning and Engaging Students in Elementary Social Studies
by Autumn Handin and Jessica Leeman

Impact on Student Learning: Monitoring Student Progress
by Deanna T. Vaccaro and Laura D. Sabella, PhD

A Pre-Service Math Teacher's Analysis of Practice through the Lens of Research
by Andre Vaquero and Laura D. Sabella, PhD

Was the Professional Development I Conducted in South Africa Evident in Teachers’ Practices Many Years Later?
by Darlene DeMarie, PhD

Coach and Evaluator: Exploring How to Negotiate Both Functions in the Role of Supervisor
by Andrea T. Scalzo Willson

To learn more about The Journal of Practitioner Research, visit the journal’s website

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