In addition to major programs, the College of Education offers academic minors that help students explore academic areas outside their major and learn skills that can prepare them for career readiness and graduate education. Students interested in pursuing a minor in the College of Education should contact your academic advisor.

Foreign Language Education

The minor in Foreign Language Education is for students who are pursuing a degree in another field and who have an interest in teaching a foreign language. The courses in the minor give students a foundation in methods of teaching a foreign or second language. Completing this does not result in Florida teaching certification.

Global Studies in Education

Students pursuing a minor in Global Studies in Education will gain knowledge about the relationships between education and the increasingly globalized world and learn how to apply this knowledge within diverse fields and professional settings. This interdisciplinary minor integrates educational, sociological, and psychological perspectives.

Science of Physical Activity

Students pursuing a minor in Science of Physical Activity gain experience working with physically active individuals, and learn skills that translate to work in after-school programs, recreation environments, or fitness centers. Completing this minor does not result in Florida teaching certification.