Global Studies in Education Minor

Global Studies in Education

Why minor in the Global Studies in Education?

Employers and graduate programs seek candidates who exhibit the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for engaging with youth in diverse and global settings. By earning this minor, students will gain knowledge about the relationships between education and the
increasingly globalized world and learn how to apply this knowledge within diverse fields and professional settings.

Completing the minor in Global Studies in Education provides the opportunity to practice and apply global competencies such as awareness of one’s role in the world, responsibility as a citizen and participation in the global community.

Who can earn this minor?

Any student in good academic standing can earn this minor. Some majors that pair well with this minor include International Relations, International Business, Political Science, Education, Communication, Sociology, and Anthropology. This minor is a Global Pathway program and helps students meet the requirements for the USF Global Citizens Award.

What are the requirements for this minor?

To declare a minor at USF, students must possess a USF overall GPA of a 2.0 or above and have completed 45 or more credit hours.

Students must take 15 credit hours of the following courses:

Core Courses

  • EDF 3514: History of Education in the United States
  • EDF 2085: Education, Diversity, and Global Society OR
  • EEX 4742: Narrative Perspectives on Exceptionality: Cultural and Ethical Issues
  • EDF 4490: Studies in Research Design

Elective Courses

  • 6 credit hours: See an academic advisor for more information

How do I declare a minor?

To declare a minor, please schedule an appointment with a College of Education academic advisor through eScheduler.