Foreign Language Education Minor

Foreign Language Education

Why minor in Foreign Language Education?

The undergraduate minor in Foreign Language Education is for  students who are getting a bachelor’s degree in another field and who have an interest in teaching a foreign language in the future. The courses in the minor give students a foundation in methods of teaching a foreign or second language.

Completing an undergradute minor helps students explore academic areas outside their current major which can lend to career readiness and graduate education.

Note: Completing the minor in Foreign Language Education does not result in Florida teaching certification.

Who can earn this minor?

Any student in good academic standing who is pursuing an undergraduate degree at USF Tampa can earn this minor. Some majors that pair well with this minor include various world
languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian, American Sign Language, etc.

What are the requirements for this minor?

To declare a minor at USF, students must possess a USF overall GPA of a 2.0 or above and have completed 45 or more credit hours.

Courses included in the minor are:

  • TSL 4324: ESOL Competencies and Strategies
  • FLE 4316: Language Principles and Acquisition
  • FLE 4333: Methods of Teaching Foreign Language and ESOL in the Secondary School
  • FLE 4290: Technology in Foreign and Second Language Classroom

How do I declare a minor?

To declare a minor, please schedule an appointment with a College of Education academic advisor through eScheduler.