Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of the David C. Anchin Center for the Advancement of Teaching is to work with K-12 teachers toward restructuring schools in ways that improve the quality of education, and to restructure the teaching profession in ways that enhance our ability to attract and retain able teachers.

Our Approach

Empowering Educators Today to Build the Schools of Tomorrow

Education is an ever-evolving and interdisciplinary field. We partner with a diverse group of stakeholders to address today's most pressing issues in the teaching profession.

These groups include:

  • Early Education and K-12 Teachers
  • School and District Leaders
  • Parents and Families
  • Community Organizations
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Private and Governmental Entities

As teachers ourselves, we value and respect the work of the education community. We aim to complement the strengths of this talented group of professionals by:

  1. Providing learning opportunities for practicing educators. Our professional development programs focus on evidence-based, innovative, inclusive, and culturally responsive instructional strategies. We also provide technical assistance and workshops for school- and district-level educators interested in creating strengths-based policies and practices.

  2. Creating intellectually stimulating and cognitively-enriching learning experiences for students—particularly those who have been historically and traditionally minoritized. We envision an education system in which all students learn in a just, equitable, asset-based, and culturally sustaining environment that fits their unique needs.

  3. Collaborating with partners to promote the teaching profession. We understand our schools could use more individuals who are passionate about teaching and serving their communities. We partner with school districts, community groups, and other stakeholders to help attract, develop, and retain a diverse pool of high-quality educators to the teaching profession.

We Believe


Education is a conduit for life opportunities, human rights, and justice.

Book and Brain

All students should have access to excellent teachers and to rich educational experiences.

Lightbulb growing out of plant

Ongoing professional development can enrich teachers’ expertise and experiences.

A heart with people inside of it

Caregivers and communities are critical partners in education.

Mountain with a person at the peak

Exceptional teachers of tomorrow are shaped by the great teachers of today.

Person with creative icons coming out of head

Students bring inherent strengths and assets to the teaching and learning space that should be valued.

A team of diverse people joining together

Equitable and just education policies and practices bring real and sustaining change.

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