Educational Innovation


The David C. Anchin Center for the Advancement of Teaching is committed to the research-based development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative approaches to Pre-K through grade 12 education that lead to all children experiencing high-quality public education, regardless of race, gender, geography, or socio-economic status.

The Center promotes educational innovation through the development and sustaining of a network of partners that includes school districts, business and industry, informal education institutions, other institutions of higher education, and colleges across all three campuses of the University of South Florida. The Center leverages these partnerships to seek support from national and state agencies, as well as private foundations, to fund innovative improvements in pedagogy and curriculum.
The Anchin Center has a long history of funded projects that support innovation in teaching and learning in schools. All of these projects have been in collaboration with its partners.
The Educational Innovation (EI) arm of the Anchin Center engages with faculty and network partners in developing grant and contract proposals to fund initiatives and projects consistent with the Center’s mission, including in the areas of STEM, literacy, and high-needs schools, as well as in the evaluation of existing and new programs. The EI arm also engages with partners in research to improve teaching and learning in schools.