2022 News

Critical Reflections on Sense of Place, the IRB, and What it Means to Stand Strength-to-Strength with Beloved Community Webinar

April 14, 2022

The Qualitative Advisory Group, in collaboration with the David C. Anchin Center and the College of Education Graduate Student Council, was excited to bring the University of South Florida community into conversation with Dr. Marie Vea.

Marie serves as an Assistant Dean for Student Services at a school of environment and natural resources in a predominantly white institution in the second whitest state. She aspires toward a world where human and more-than-human communities may thrive and loves asking good questions in good company which is partly why it took 10 years to complete her dissertation. What might happen during the hour together? Marie shares some thoughts on sense of place and positionality within academia (and she will ask you to do the same), her journey toward a just IRB process, and what it might mean to stand strength-to-strength with beloved community.