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Scholar in Residence

The Scholar in Residence Program is an opportunity for University of South Florida faculty to spend one academic year on research focused on a critical issue in education. Scholars in Residence spend their one-year appointment conducting research, submitting articles to research journals, writing grant proposals, and giving presentations about their work to the education community.

For more information about the Scholar in Residence Program, please contact Interim Director Connie Hines at

Meet the 2019-20 Scholar in Residence

Dr. Elizabeth Hadley

Elizabeth Hadley


Dr. Hadley is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Studies in the USF College of Education. She received her Ph.D. in Teaching, Learning, and Diversity from Vanderbilt University, and joined USF in 2017.

Dr. Hadley’s research focuses on supporting oral language development in preschool classrooms, particularly through building rich vocabulary knowledge. She is interested in understanding the relationship between preschool oral language skills and later reading comprehension, as well as working with preschool teachers to foster academic vocabulary growth in children from under-served communities.

Dr. Hadley's current projects include examining the impact of responsive teaching strategies on vocabulary learning, the role of play in language learning, and designing assessments to capture depth of vocabulary knowledge.