Master of Arts

Program of Study

Planned Program of Study Form

A minimum of 36 semester hours are required for the master's degree in Adult Education. The majority of courses taken are at the 6000 level. Courses at the 7000 level are considered advanced graduate level courses and, for the most part, are not approved to be part of the master’s degree program.

Students may take courses out of sequence as semester course offerings require. Students must successfully complete ADE 6080 and ADE 6385 before taking ADE 6696 and the comprehensive exam.

Program of Study (non-thesis option) = 36 credit hours minimum

Core Requirements = 6-7 credit hours
Description Course Credit Hours
EDF 6481 OR Foundations of educational research 3
EDF 6432 AND Foundations of measurement 3
EDF 6XXX Any Psychological or Social Foundations Course 3-4 
Concentration Requirements = 11-18 credit hours
Description Course Credit Hours
ADE 6080 Foundations of Adult Education 4
ADE 6385 The Adult Learner 3
ADE 6696 Final Master’s Seminar 4
ADE 6161 [recommended or choose other ADE elective] Curriculum Construction in Adult Education
ADE 6360 [recommended or choose other ADE elective] Methods of Teaching Adults 3
Electives = 12-19 credit hours
Description Course Credit Hours
ADE 6070 International Adult Education  
ADE 6160 Program Management in Adult Education 3
ADE 6197 Adult Basic Education 4
ADE 6198 Effective Continuing Education for Professionals 3
ADE 6280 Administration in Local Adult Education Programs 4
ADE 6287 Supervision of Local Adult Education Programs 4
ADE 6370 Human Resource Development 3
ADE 6389 Adult Learning and Cognitive Styles 3
ADE 6906 Independent Study 1-9
ADE 6931 Selected Topics in Adult Education and HRD 1-5
ADE 6946 Practicum in Adult Education 2-6

Note: At least one course (3 credit hours) must be taken outside the Adult Education department. EME 6936: application of computers in education topic course is highly recommended but courses may come from any department across the university.

Comprehensive Examination = written exam required