Meet Our Students

Current Students

Photo of Ke Cheng

Ke Cheng, Ph.D. Student

Photo of Yue Yin

 Yue Yin, Ph.D. Student

Photo of Geoffrey West

Geoffrey West, Ph.D. Student

Photo of Zhiyao Yi

Zhiyao Yi, Ph.D. Student


Thanh Pham

Thanh Pham, Ph.D. Fall 2017

Seang-Hwane Joo

Seang-Hwane Joo, Ph.D. Spring 2017

Photo of Yan Wang

 Yan Wang, Ph.D. Summer 2018

Abeer Alamri Photo

Abeer Alamri, Ph.D. Spring 2019

Diep Nguyen photo

Diep Nguyen, Ph.D. Summer 2019