Master of Arts in Teaching

Curriculum Requirements

The MAT in Elementary Education is a comprehensive master’s degree and teacher certification program. Graduates of the MAT program are certified to teach children in grades k-6 in the state of Florida.

Students take courses related to all content areas (literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, and writing), in addition to instructional planning and the learning environment.  Courses are held during the day so that they may include experiences in schools. Each semester includes opportunities for students to spend time either in an elementary classroom or in community-focused places of learning, such as museums. Field experiences are embedded within courses each semester, along with a 2-day/week practicum and a full-time internship in a local K-5 elementary school.

In addition to successfully completing all courses according to Graduate School GPA requirements, students must also demonstrate competency of the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAPs). Please note that degree and certification requirements are subject to change in accordance with state mandates. Students admitted to any USF Elementary Education program on the Tampa Campus need to take required courses on the Tampa Campus as they are designed to specifically meet our program’s goals.

Students are required to maintain an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale) in all courses taken as a graduate student. Full-time students proceed through the coursework in a cohort and are Students who do not meet this requirement will be required to meet with their academic advisor and/or the department’s Professional Standards Committee and will not be able to enroll in any of the subsequent cohort classes until the class is offered again in the next cohort.

Students who withdraw from or who have unsatisfactory grades in the field experiences or internships must petition the Department’s Professional Standards Committee before they will be allowed to repeat the internships.

Comprehensive Exam

As graduate students, MAT students will complete a comprehensive exam project prior to graduation. The comprehensive exam is an inquiry-based professional development project that provides students with an opportunity to integrate their course and field experiences while documenting their professional growth. This project is completed during their full-time internship semester.

Reading Endorsement

Interested MAT students may choose to pursue an endorsement in Reading Education while simultaneously completing their MAT coursework. Students who choose this option must take four courses in addition to the reading courses in their MAT program of study.

While MAT students can begin taking courses in the Reading Endorsement courses after successfully completing RED 6514, we recommend that these courses be taken near the end of the program.

To pursue this option, MAT students must speak with their graduate advisor to discuss their intent to pursue the Reading Endorsement, Students pursuing the Reading Endorsement should plan to complete the endorsement and the MAT program in the same semester.

Required Courses for the Reading Endorsement

  • RED 6544: Cognition, Comprehension, and Content Area Reading
  • RED 6545: Vocabulary and Word Study
  • RED 6749: History and Models of Reading: Prevention and Intervention of Reading Difficulties
  • RED 6540: Assessment in Literacy
  • RED 6846: Practicum in Reading