MA in Special Education, Gifted


Offered fully online

The Master of Arts in Special Education, Gifted provides advanced training for certified teachers to work with gifted and talented children and to work with other teachers on a consultant and/or collaborative basis.

About the Program

What is Giftedness? How might it manifest in different people in different ways?
These are some of the conceptual starting points that practicing teachers enrolled in the program explore. These starting points include a look into twelve specific traits that are considered by some experts to be representative of giftedness, outside of IQ alone.

The Master of Arts in Special Education, Gifted includes coursework required for the Florida Endorsement in Gifted Education. In addition, courses in this program include topic areas in foundations of research, teacher leadership, instructional technology, electives, and a supervised practicum. 

Emphasis is placed on developing specific skills in identification of gifted students, focusing on the characteristics and needs of special populations, assessing students’ cognitive and affective strengths, modifying educational programs to develop gifted students’ potential, and consulting with gifted students, their families and teachers.


Our program prepares educators to:

  • Understand the characteristics and needs of gifted learners
  • Develop appropriate learning opportunities for gifted learners
  • Address the cognitive and affective needs of individual learners
  • Modify educational programs to develop gifted student's potential
  • Consult with gifted students, their families and teachers

For inquiries regarding the gifted program, send an email to Julie Schenk at