Benefits of Hiring STAGES Students

  • Most have an outside agency providing short-term/long-term job coaching
  • They have the continued support of the STAGES staff after being hired
  • Students can job train for 9 weeks (unpaid) before being hired
  • Tax incentives for employer
  • They are prepared for entry-level work and find this level of work satisfying
  • They are participating in a transition program (STAGES) that focuses on employability issues and what makes a good employee such as:
    • Attending regularly and reporting on time
    • Calling in sick in advance
    • Learning how to get to work (all students receive Travel Training from a Hart employee so they all know how to get from home to USF using public transportation
    • Keeping a work schedule
    • Staying on task and displaying initiative to remain productive
    • Grooming and hygiene; dressing appropriately; maintaining uniform
    • Following directions and/or asking for assistance
    • Practicing safety and using equipment properly
    • Working independently
    • Performing tasks accurately and as quickly as possible
    • Accepting criticism well and correcting errors
    • Working well with others and displaying a positive attitude