Online Endorsement for In-Service Teachers

What is the ESOL Endorsement?

Primary Language Arts/English Teachers in the State of Florida are required by law to complete a total of 15 semester hours or 300 in-service credit points in courses related to learning how to help English Language Learners in the mainstream classroom. The five ESOL courses below are recognized by the State of Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) and accomplish that requirement. 

Upon completing these courses, you may then apply to the Florida Department of Education for the ESOL Endorsement. 

If you are a teacher, or preparing to become one that is seeking the ESOL Endorsement, there is an opportunity for you to take courses that lead to the ESOL Endorsement and receive a *stand-alone ESOL Endorsement, a Graduate Certificate in ESOL and/or credit toward a Master's Degree at the same time. The Department of Teaching and Learning's Foreign Language Education Program at the University of South Florida offers five ESOL courses completely online on a rotating basis during the academic year.


In order to apply for the stand-alone ESOL Endorsement through USF, applicants must hold an earned bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution with a 3.0 minimum GPA or evaluated equivalent, and teacher certification. 

Students will apply for non-degree seeking admission through the graduate school.

In addition to the application forms, students will submit to the Coordinator of the ESOL Endorsement Program (see below), in the Department of Teaching and Learning the following:

  • Official Transcripts
  • A resume
  • A 250-word letter of interest stating your objectives in pursuing this course of study
  • Verification of teacher certification


  • FLE 6167: Cross-Cultural Issues in Teaching ESOL Students (Fall semester)
  • TSL 6133: Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development for Teaching ESOL Students (Fall semester)
  • TSL 6390: Instructional Methods and Strategies for Teaching ESOL Students (Spring semester)
  • TSL 6253: Applied Linguistics for Teaching ESOL Students (Summer semester)
  • TSL 6470: Assessment and Progress Management for Teaching ESOL Students (Spring semester) 

For more information, please contact: 

Dr. Phil Smith 
Foreign Language/ESOL Education Program Coordinator 
University of South Florida
Department of Teaching and Learning
ESOL Office (EDU 266)
Phone: (813) 974-1113