Below is a series of resources about English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and English Language Learners (ELL) that were developed by faculty in the USF College of Education. 

ESOL Case Studies

The College of Education has developed a series of ESOL case studies that are organized by language level, native language of the English Language Learner (ELL), age and grade level.

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ELL Language Database

The English Language Learner (ELL) Language Database includes Speaking, Reading, and Writing Samples of ELLs at the Elementary, Middle, and High School, who are in Pre-Production, Early Production, Speech Emergent, and Intermediate Fluency Levels.

Tapestry: Expert ESOL Lecture Series

The ESOL TAPESTRY website was designed to support the process of ESOL integration into a wide range of teacher preparation courses and programs. These video modules were created in collaboration with leading experts in the teaching ESOL (TESOL) field, asking them to address fellow teacher educators regarding the most crucial information in their areas of specialization.

View the ESOL TAPESTRY website 


Teaching English Language Learners across the Curriculum

Series Editors: Tony Erben, Bárbara C. Cruz, Stephen J. Thornton

Books in the Teaching English Language Learners Across the Curriculum series are written specifically or pre- and in-service teachers who may not have been trained in ELL techniques, but still find themselves facing the realities and challenges of today’s diverse classrooms and learners. Each book provides simple and straightforward advice on how to teach ELLs through a given subject area, and how to teach content to ELLs who are at different levels of language proficiency than the rest of their class.

Authored by both language and content area specialists, each volume arms readers with practical, teacher-friendly strategies, and subject-specific techniques.

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