Master of Arts in Teaching


6 courses in foreign language methodologies provide an in-depth theoretical and practical understanding of foreign language teaching and learning at the elementary and secondary levels. These courses are:

  • FLE 5313: Methods of Teaching FL & ESOL in the Elementary School
  • FLE 5331: Methods of Teaching FL & ESOL in the Secondary School
  • FLE 5895: Dual Language Education
  • FLE 5946: Practicum in FL Teaching in the Secondary School
  • FLE 5291: Applications of Technology to FLE
  • FLE 6665: Current Trends in FLE 

Three ESOL-specific courses provide a comprehensive, theoretical and practical understanding of ESOL-related issues in the foreign language classroom, and are required courses to fulfill the state-required ESOL endorsement. These courses are:

  • TSL 5085: ESOL 1, Theory and Practice of Teaching English Language Learners
  • TSL 5086: ESOL 2, Second Language and Literacy Acquisition in Children and Adolescents
  • TSL 5240: ESOL 3, Language Principles, Acquisition, and Assessment for Teaching English Language Learners
  • See requirements for the ESOL Late Field Experience

Three courses provide the necessary foundations in measurement, classroom management, and understanding adolescent learning behaviors. These courses are:

  • EDF 6432: Foundations of Measurement or TSL 5471: Language Testing
  • ESE 5344: Classroom Management for a Diverse School & Society
  • ESE 5342: Teaching the Adolescent Learner

A 6-credit hour internship provides an essential practical and evaluative exit to the program. It is highly recommended to complement it with a 2-credit hour Senior Seminar to debrief and enhance the internship experience.

  • FLE 6947: Internship
  • FLE 5936: Senior Seminar

A Comprehensive Examination must also be taken in the final semester in the program.

A description of these courses can be found in the USF Graduate Course Catalog.