Education Specialist

Project Information

Concept Paper

The Ed.S. Project in Instructional Technology focuses on the development and validation of a program or product (such as an instructional website or e-learning module). The purpose of the project is to allow students to apply knowledge and skills gained in the program to the analysis, design, development, and evaluation of an instructional project. The documentation of the project is presented via the ADDIE Model.   

It is strongly recommended that students prepare a concept paper (2-3 pages) that can serve as an early communication device between the student and the Ed.S. committee. This can be prepared near the end of the students' coursework (often while enrolled in EME 7910 Independent Study). 

Upon consultation with the major professor, the student formulates and develops the basic concepts of the project. Typically, the concept paper presents an overview of an identified problem, its context, and how the student proposes to design, develop and evaluate the project.                               

Project Outline

The Project should be outlined in a way that is consistent with an ISD model, such as ADDIE. In other words, Section 1 would focus on the Analysis of the project. This is a sample outline that could be used as a reference.

Section 1: Analysis

Section 2: Design

Section 3: Development

Section 4: Implementation and Evaluation

Students will be expected to make a presentation and defend their Project. 

The following rubrics are used to assess the Ed.S. project and supporting documentation.