Education Specialist

Program of Study

Ed.S. Curriculum

Required (27 Hours)

EDF 6284: Problems in Instructional Design for Computers 
EME 7631: Research in Technology Project Management 
EME 6613: Development of Technology-Based Instruction 
EME 7938: Computer-Augmented Instructional Paradigms in Education 
EME 7910: Independent Study 
EME 7458: Research in Distance Education 
EDG 6975: Project (9 Hours) (see Ed.S. Project page)

Electives (9 Hours)

EME 6157: Game Design & Development for Learning
EME 6480: Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety
EME 6681: Game Analytics for Learning
EME 6930: Web Programming 1
EME 6930: Web Programming 2
EME 6936: Digital Media and Learning
EME 6936: Online Teaching and Learning
EME 6936: Technology Leadership in Education
EME 6936: Internship in E-Learning Development
EME 6208: Interactive Media 
EME 6207: Web Design 
EME 6215: Instructional Graphics 
EME 6209: Digital Video 
EME 6055: Current Trends
EME 7615: Instructional Game Design for eBooks
EME 7939: Research in Technology-Based Education 

See the Program of Study for the Ed.S. for more information.

*If a student has a Master's degree or substantial experience in Instructional Technology, courses in other programs may be substituted for these electives. Check with your major professor. For more information about recommended course sequence, see Frequently Asked Questions.

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