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Planned Program of Study - Master's Programs

The Planned Program of Study

The Planned Program of Study form is a document that lists all of the courses that students must take to complete their degree programs. This form is also used to approve students for the comprehensive examination and to certify students for graduation.

A Planned Program of Study form should be completed by the student in collaboration with the program advisor. The form should be signed by the student, program advisor in the program area, and the department chairperson.

Once these signatures are secured, the Academic Program Specialist for the department should forward the form to the Graduate Support Office (EDU 320) by the end of the first semester after the student's admission to the program, or before 12 hours of graduate coursework have been completed, whichever occurs first.

The Graduate Support Office reviews the planned program of study for compliance with College, University, and applicable State of Florida Department of Education requirements. When the program is approved ans signed by the Graduate Support Office, a signed copy will be emailed to the department Academic Program Specialist and to the student.

Changes to Course Requirements on an Approved Planned Program of Study

If courses completed and listed on the student's transcript are not consistent with those listed on the Program of Study form, the courses will not be counted as satisfying degree requirements unless an approved request for course substitution is completed by the program advisor and submitted to the Graduate Support Office.

Please note: the request for course substitution is used when a course on the approved planned program of study is being replaced with a different course taken at USF. To apply courses completed at another institution to the USF planned program of study, please use the Transfer Course Form.

Planned Programs of Study Forms

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