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United, We Shape the Future of Education

The University of South Florida College of Education is a community of faculty, students, and staff focused on transforming lives through the promotion of equity, social justice, and improved outcomes for students and communities particularly those that have been underserved. With boundless energy and the collective power of our community, our research, degree programs, and local and global partnerships are focused on solving the most complex problems of a diverse society and on preparing practitioners to be agents of change. Our community embraces and promotes the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Students in our College are active learners who participate in sustained immersive experiences that develop knowledge and skills to advance their communities, conquer persistent problems of practice, and advance knowledge.


The USF College of Education envisions itself as a leader in regional, national and international education. Leadership in education encompasses:

  • Academic excellence
  • Research, scholarship, and inquiry that renews the educational process
  • Collaboration that serves communities, institutions, and individuals
  • Preparation that builds on academic excellence, scholarship, clinical practice, and collaboration and that contributes to a just and productive society

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