Master of Education

Admission Requirements

How to Apply

The application process is completed completely online. The online application, University application requirements (including TOEFL and international student requirements), and other application information (e.g., deadlines, fees, etc) are available at the Graduate Admissions website.

Additional information regarding applications to the College of Education are available at the College of Education Graduate Studies website.

The information on these sites, as well as here on the M.Ed. site, should be able to answer all of your application-related questions.

Admission Requirements

To apply for the M.Ed. in Instructional Technology program, applicants must submit documentation along with one or more of the following criteria:

In addition to the program requirements stated above, applicants must submit:

  1. A resume or curriculum vita documenting their work and educational experiences to date. The Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) requires that students have two years of relevant experience, as judged by the program faculty.

  2. A one-page personal statement describing the applicant's motivation for entering the M.Ed. program, what he/she hopes to achieve upon completion of the program, and the number of courses he/she plans to take each semester while in the program.

Additional requirements may be imposed by the College of Education and the University Graduate Admissions office (for example, international students may be required to submit TOEFL exam scores, etc).

Please be sure to review the admission information and requirements for BOTH the College of Education and the Graduate Admissions office.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted for fall and spring admissions only. There are no admissions accepted for the summer semester. Any applications submitted for admittance for a summer semester will be held until the following fall semester before being reviewed.

Applicants are responsible for submitting applications before the appropriate program or university application deadlines. Applications are considered "on time" if they are received by the Office of Graduate Admissions on or before the appropriate deadline.

Application Deadlines by Semester

Submission of applications after these dates may be considered if spaces are still available. 

Note: All admissions materials including the USF graduate admissions application, student transcripts and supporting documentation must be received by July 20, 2018 to be considered for the Fall 2018 semester.

Transfer Credits

Transfer of Coursework from Another Institution

Students may transfer up to twelve (12) semester hours from another institution to their USF degrees if:

  1. the coursework has not been used to fulfill requirements in another degree,
  2. the student has earned grades of at least a 3.0/B in the coursework,
  3. the coursework does not exceed the time limits listed herein, and
  4. the transfer of coursework is deemed appropriate by the student's departments and the College of Education (i.e., the course to be transferred in is equivalent to a course within the Instructional Technology major). It is up to the student's initiative to secure documentation from the USF course instructor that the course to be transferred is equivalent to the USF course.

Grades from transfer credit are not calculated into the student’s USF grade point average. Transfer credits from other institutions must be evaluated by the Coordinator of Graduate Advising in the College of Education before being approved by your advisor for your program.

Transfer of Coursework from Non-Degree Status

Students may transfer up to twelve semester hours (12) taken as a non-degree seeking student into their degree programs if conditions #1-4 above have been met. Therefore, students who enroll in one of four Instructional Technology Graduate Certificate programs prior to acceptance into the M.Ed. program may be eligible to transfer their certificate courses into the M.Ed. program.

Financial Aid

Internal fellowships/grants/scholarships available only to USF students are described in the "Financial Assistance" section of the current USF Graduate Catalog. Applications forms are available in the office of the College of Education Coordinator of Graduate Advising (EDU 106). The USF Graduate School (BEH 304) also circulates information handouts listing current sources of financial support for graduate students.

Readmission Policy

A graduate student who has not been in attendance for at least one semester during the past 12 months must apply for re-instatement of admission. Contact your program advisor for details and requirements of re-instatement. The deadline dates for the re-instatement of admission are the same as those for initial program admittance, as stated above.

For more information, download our program brochure or contact Alexandria Lindsay.

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