Master of Education

Program of Study

M.Ed. Curriculum

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree is offered as Instructional Technology specialization (program code: SIT) in Curriculum and Instruction. Under the M.Ed. program, students will take 11 courses (six Instructional Technology specialization courses plus three educational foundation courses and two elective courses. A breakdown of these courses is provided below). A minimum of 33 total credit hours are required.

Instructional Technology Specialization Requirements (18 hours)

Instructional Technology Electives (6 hours)

Educational Foundations (9-10 hours)

M.Ed. Curriculum Sequence

Students should discuss their career goals, as well as their current skills with an advisor before selecting electives. Your advisor is assigned via your last name: Dr. Sang Park (A-G); Dr. Glenn Smith(H-Q); Dr. Yiping Lou (R-Z).

This sequence of courses is very flexible. However, please keep the following in mind:

Sample Course Schedule for Taking Two Courses Each Semester

Year 1
Fall Spring Summer
EME 6055: Current Trends in Instructional Technology (3) EME 6208: Interactive Media  (3) Instructional Technology elective (3)
EDF 6211: Psychological Foundations of Education (3) ADE 6385: The Adult Learner OR EDG 6627: Foundations of Curriculum and instruction (3) EDF 6432: Educational Measurement OR EDF 6481: Educational Research (3)
Year 2
Fall  Spring  Summer
EDF 6284: Problems in Instructional Design for Computers (3) EME 6930: Web programming OR EME 6207: Web Design (3) EME 6457: Distance Learning (3)
Instructional Technology elective (3) EME 6613: Development of Technology-Based Instruction (3) Comprehensive Examination

Students can also complete one or more graduate certificates at the same time they are completing their M.Ed. coursework. Many of the M.Ed. courses simultaneously can count towards one or more graduate certificates, without requiring any additional coursework on the student's part. We recommend that M.Ed. examine each of the graduate certificate options when planning their program of study.

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