Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction: Concentration in Literacy Studies


What Can I Do With A Ph.D. In Curriculum and Instruction: Concentration in Literacy Studies?

The Ph.D. concentration in Literacy Studies at USF prepares individuals who aspire to become university professors at major research universities. Graduates of our program also pursue careers in teaching colleges, school districts, and publishing companies. See Alumni Profiles page.

How Long Will The Ph.D. Program Take?

Course work must be completed within four years of admission into the program. The dissertation must be completed within four years after admission to candidacy. The program may be completed in 3 to 8 years, depending on the student’s full-time or part-time status. See Program of Study page

Are Any Of The Courses Online Or Taught On Regional Campuses?

The doctoral program is taught on the Tampa campus. There is the possibility of taking a few foundations courses online. However, all of the literacy courses are taught in person. Through these courses and the residency experience, doctoral students are apprenticed into research and academia.  

How Much Does The Program Cost?

Tuition rates are constantly changing. To determine current fees and tuition, visit the registrar’s website. See Financial Assistance page

Are There Scholarships Or Financial Aid Available?

Yes. The University of South Florida and the College of Education, as well as many independent organizations offer scholarships and fellowships. Within the Department of Childhood Education and Literacy Studies, we offer doctoral student assistantships. Graduate assistants teach literacy courses within the elementary education program and receive tuition waivers and a yearly stipend. See Financial Assistance page.

What Qualifications Are Required To Enter The Ph.D. Program?

  1. Strong Academic Record
    -Transcripts from accredited institutions.
    -Earned Master’s Degree in Reading, Language, Literature or related field, or a Master’s Degree in another field with at least 18 hours of Reading, Language, Literature at the graduate level.
    -Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores for Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing in the 40th percentile or higher. GRE must be taken within 5 years of the application.
    -Three Academic References from individuals who can testify to your academic abilities and accomplishments.

  2. Research Experience
    -Curriculum Vitae (CV) that includes levels of education, professional experience, publications, and presentations (if applicable).
    -Writing Samples/Publications: Submit three academic texts that demonstrate your writing and analysis skills. We prefer published manuscripts, but course projects are acceptable.

  3. Relevant Professional Experience
    -Employment References: Submit two references from individuals who can describe your professional experiences and work ethic.

Do I Have To Take The GRE?

Yes. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for admission. Scores must be in the 40th percentile or higher. The scores must be less than 5 years old. We will accept the highest score. See Admission Requirements page.

When Should I Apply?

Students are admitted into the program in the fall only. The deadline for applications is February 15th. Students whose applications are received by December 15th of the preceding year will have the greatest opportunity for scholarships and fellowships. See Admission Requirements page.

What Happens After I Apply?

Upon receipt of the complete application (i.e., Graduate School Application and additional requirements), the Program Coordinator reviews the materials to determine the applicant’s eligibility.

Eligible applicants are invited for an interview with the Literacy Studies Faculty. The committee makes one of three recommendations: acceptance into the program, conditional acceptance with suggestions for prerequisite courses or experiences, or denial. Applicants will be notified regarding the status of their application within two weeks of the interview.

Who Do I Contact If I Have More Questions?

Dr. Jenifer Schneider: Advanced Graduate Coordinator
Phone: (813) 974-3460
Mail Point EDU105
Office Location: 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, EDU 202, Tampa, FL 33620

Ms. Julie Schenk: Advanced Graduate Program Specialist
Phone: (813) 974-3460