Ph.D. Concentration

Financial Costs


Doctoral students in Literacy Studies receive many opportunities to develop as professionals. The commitment is quite extensive, and the experience is often enhanced through an extended commitment of time and with the constant support of family and friends.

The world of academia is quite distinct and there are several ways for doctoral students to engage as scholars. As a future scholar in Literacy Studies, you will work alongside faculty and peers to develop a line of research aligned with your interests and program goals. As part of the apprenticeship process, you will identify grant outlets, present at national conferences, and move your work towards publication. Each opportunity will help you establish a professional identity to prepare you for future careers.

Financial Cost

Tuition and Fees

The financial cost of doctoral courses varies each year. The USF Controller’s website provides the most current estimates of tuition and fees.

Professional Organizations and Conferences

Doctoral students in Literacy Studies are expected to join professional literacy and education associations and to attend national literacy conferences. The goal is for students to eventually present research at these conferences. Professional memberships and conference fees can be expensive. Conference organizations usually offer student rates. In addition, the College of Education and the USF Graduate School often provide funding for students presenting research at conferences.

Funding Support


Assistantships are available for all doctoral students who wish to pursue full-time study by working within the university setting. Students who serve as graduate assistants typically teach two undergraduate courses in literacy education each semester (Fall and Spring). They are also expected to conduct and disseminate research. Graduate assistants receive tuition waivers along with stipends for the academic year.

More information about assistantships is available on the Graduate School website.


Graduate fellowships are financial awards offered to individuals who are applying to or who are enrolled in doctoral programs. Fellowships may be awarded by USF, federal agencies or independent organizations. Many university fellowships are used as recruiting incentives. In other words, the best time to receive financial support is during the admission process. However, many other fellowships are available for doctoral study, dissertation research and graduate student travel. The majority of all fellowships are based upon outstanding academic records and high test scores.

The following are well-known awards:

*Please note, the deadline for many fellowships is much earlier than the deadline for applications. Students who are admitted by December 15th of the preceding year will have the greatest opportunity for scholarships and fellowships. The deadlines for these awards are earlier than the final application deadline for program admission.

In addition to USF awards, many scholarly societies offer research and teaching grants for doctoral students and candidates.

Other Funding Opportunities

The following opportunities for funding are available through USF.

In addition, many learned societies and foundations offer research and teaching grants for doctoral students and candidates. Below is a selected list of possible funding sources.