Ph.D. Concentration

Required Residency

Doctoral programs and Dissertation Committees must ensure that students acquire knowledge and have ability to use the conceptual and technical tools to conduct research. To accomplish these goals, doctoral students in the Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Concentration in Literacy Studies are expected to work both independently and in collaboration with faculty to pursue rigorous research agendas, publish in scholarly journals, and present widely at state, national and international conferences.

Residency Requirement

The Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction: Concentration in Literacy Studies prepares individuals who aspire to become university professors and this requires research training and theory exploration. Much of this training occurs during a residency, in which the doctoral student takes a full load of courses and engages in the research culture of the department. The residency is not a living arrangement; rather, a sustained and full-time academic experience in which doctoral students are apprenticed into academia.

To accomplish this focus on research training, each Ph.D. student is required to spend at least two consecutive semesters (Fall and Spring) as a full-time student on the USF Tampa campus.


Students may work as a Graduate Assistant and teach two literacy education courses. Students may also work as a Research Assistant on grants and other faculty research projects. Through the residency, students become immersed in the culture of academia and participate in research projects with faculty.